Manual & Curriculum – Open Data for Students

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September 4, 2018
Report – Aid Data User Needs and Use Cases in Nepal
September 7, 2018

Despite the growth in momentum for open data in Nepal, global open data survey such as the Global Open Data Index and the Open Data Barometer suggest that Nepal still has an evident need for human resources that have the awareness and capacity to produce and use more open data. To help improve the data literacy of the human capital in Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal compiled the Open Data Manual as a reference guide for college and university students. The manual is a compilation of information from a series of online resources covering keydata topics to explain open data – it’s benefits,uses and technicalities. It is hoped that the recommended readings, references and the guidance provided by the Manual will support those who are interested to use open data to develop innovative tools, products and services in governance, education, civic engagement,journalism and more.

The Open Data Manual provides information on the following topics:

  • An introduction to open data – the Manual shares details of the history and background of open data in Nepal
  • Working with open data – the Manual gives details about the sources of open data in Nepal, and stories of impact from open data in Nepal
  • Process of working with data – the Manual includes sub-chapters on data cleaning, data extraction, data analysis, data visualisation and data publishing.
  • Glossary – the Manual also includes a useful glossary of terms related to open data.


The Manual has been written toeducate students ofthe benefits of open data to them, fill in the gap of dataeducation, and better prepare them for the rapidly changing data scenario. (For a more technical understanding of open data, Open Knowledge Nepal have adapted the Open Data Handbook for the Nepali context). The Manual acts as an accompaniment to the Open Data Curriculum which is a course outline to guide training sessions on open data. The Manual, Curriculum, Session Plan and Presentations have been made openly available at the Open Data Awareness Program website to enable other groups to deliver training on open data.


Open Knowledge Nepal designed the Manual and Curriculum as part of a broader project of training and workshopsaimed at sensitizing Nepal’s students to open data.  Nepal’s digital natives. As part of this they conducted training events at 10 educational institutions around Nepal to trial the Curriculum, followed by a hackathon to give the students the chance to implement their new skills.